Commercial Outreach

We would like to acknowledge companies that have cooperated with the Utah Center for Advanced Microscopy in the development of novel instruments and applications.

Leica Microsystems

Tony Cooke, Leica Microsystems. Leica is a manufacturer of top-end fluorescence microscopes. Leica has arranged for the donation of scanning mirrors, an SP2 scanning confocal microscope, and textbooks to our classes on microscope design and construction.


Carl Zeiss Microscopy is located in Jena, Germany with additional development and manufacturing sites of both light and charged particle microscopes in Oberkochen, Munich, the UK and the US.  They provided the University of Utah with a beta version of the PALM microscope for the development of new optical applications.

Vutara Inc.

Vutara Inc. manufactures the first 3D super-resolution microscope. They provided the University of Utah with the first production model of the SR200.