Giving to Advanced Microscopy

Fundraising priorities

A first-class education is the only way to stay ahead in a global economy. The State of Utah has positioned itself as a leader in higher education through its support of higher education. Moreover, the citizens of the state have stepped in when public funds are not adequate to promote specific projects. The legislature will provide the lion’s share of funding for the Cell Center. In addition, we are looking for private donors for the following projects:

Research Building – $8 million goal

The University of Utah is committed to renovating the historic Thomas Building for the Center for Cell and Genome Sciences research laboratories. The Thomas Building is located on President’s circle and was originally the main library at the University and more recently housed the Museum of Natural History. The Cell Center will promote interdisciplinary approaches to fundamental questions in cell biology. This cutting-edge center in studies of the cell will promote fundamental new discoveries in the science of life at the University of Utah.

Imaging Facility – $5 million goal

One goal of Advanced Microscopy in the Cell Center is to provide state-of-the art equipment to image cells, as well as to build new instruments to visualize single molecule behavior in cells. This goal will require biologists, physicists, chemists and engineers to collaborate closely in ways not previously undertaken. These instruments will make the university an international leader in this breaking area of interdisciplinary research.

Teaching Facility – $3 million goal

Experimentation is at the heart of all sciences. The College of Science intends to build new laboratory space that can provide students with interdisciplinary training in the study of molecules. This space will introduce students to advanced research equipment and even allow students to build new equipment of their own design (see Education). The laboratories will provide open laser tables and computers for biological imaging. These laboratories and associated coursework are likely to recruit the most ambitious students from all over the world.

Event Space – $2 million goal

The former reading room of the historic library is a vaulted gallery of magnificent proportions. The dimensions of this space rival the reading rooms of traditional European and American universities. The university plans to renovate this space for multiple uses, including its original function as a reading room, but also for lectures, student gatherings, dining, and university-wide or private events. Donations are needed to renovate this space for flexible use but also in a historically sensitive manner.

Reading Room

Figure. The reading room circa 1931.


Every gift of any size is appreciated. Naming opportunities exist for donors interested in helping construct this world-class facility. For more information, please contact Jeff Martin in the College of Science at 801-581-6958.