Fluorescence Microscopy Core

The Fluorescence Microscopy Core is part of the Biology Advanced Imaging Core.


The Fluorescence Microscopy Facility provides access to a variety of fluorescence microscopes. Instruments are available for standard fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, and super-resolution microscopy. Equipment is available for production, scanning, analysis and printing of all kinds of images. Training on equipment is provided. The facility is available to users throughout the University.

Fluorescence Microscopes

Confocal Microscope

Zeiss LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope, with Argon and HeNe lasers providing excitation wavelengths of 458, 488, 514, 543 and 633nm, and a Coherent Mira 900 tunable IR laser.

Fluorescence Microscope

Zeiss Axioplan microscope with Zeiss HRc camera.


  • Leica RM 2135 Microtome.
  • LKB Ultrotome III ultramicrotome.

Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopes

Standard fluorescence microscopes cannot resolve structures smaller than the diffraction limit of light. Recently, experimental microscopes have been developed that can beat the size barrier of light. Our facility is operating three super-resolution microscopes: the Zeiss PAL-M TIRF microscope, the Vutara Biplane 3D super-resolution microscope, and a handmade scanning PALM microscope.

Introduction to Super-resolution Microscopy.

TIRF PALM Microscope

Zeiss PAL-M TIRF microscope.

3D PALM microscope

Vutara SR200 Biplane 3D PALM / STORM microscope.

Scanning PALM microscope

Assembled microscope.